Snickerdoodle cookie base rolled in shredded coconut. Behold, the Cocodoodle!

14527441101 6329829964 c Cocodoodles

I totally just made up my own word. And it was hard.

To be fair, I could have just called these cookies “Coconut Snickerdoodles” and been on my way. But that seemed too easy. Also, slightly misleading – would people think that they involved both coconut and cinnamon-sugar? (Not a delicious-sounded combination, if you ask me, but to each his own.) No, that wouldn’t do.

14507489616 bb33e993ab c Cocodoodles

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Garlic and Herb Swirl Bread

Fluffy yeast bread swirled around salted butter, garlic, and herbs. Your favorite swirl loaf and your favorite garlic bread just became best friends.

14269116319 f43160afd0 c Garlic and Herb Swirl Bread

We need to get something out of the way immediately: The butt of this bread is the best part.

But we’ll come back to that.

Actually, scratch that. I’m too intrigued by my own statement to move on from that.

Yes, I just fascinated myself. 

Normally, the butt of the bread is…well, the butt of the bread. Kind of so-so, probably the piece that the least picky person in the family will eat, but not something you fight over. In my family, my dad is the bread-butt-eater. (<–That’s a weird phrase.) He will eat the end pieces gladly, as toast or sandwich, with no complaint. We also often liken his palate to those of our beagles.

14455600705 0efb153240 c Garlic and Herb Swirl Bread

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Apple Pie Cookies

Bite-size pockets of flaky pie crust filled with an apple-cinnamon filling. Apple pie just got 10 times cuter and 100 times more portable.

14468514793 72bfb83d5b c Apple Pie Cookies

I might have a bit of a pie problem.

It only just occurred to me that I have posted two other pie recipes in the past two weeks.

I mean, I assume that you desperately needed some Banana Coconut Cream Pie and some Deep-Dish, Crumb-Topped Apple Pie in your life. I know I did. They’re two very different pies for people with different palates.

Unless you’re feeding me, in which case just give me ALL THE PIE, PLEASE.

Have you ever been to an event where they served incredibly mediocre pie? Pie that just made you wish you had reserved the stomach space for a piece of cake, or perhaps a cookie? Pie that made you wish you had extra pie tucked away in your purse for emergencies such as this?

You’d be surprised at how often this happens to me.

14448308115 2f180a6e81 c Apple Pie Cookies

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Seeded Flatbread Crackers

Crispy homemade flatbread crackers studded with a blend of seeds and grains. Perfect for dipping!

14407668253 88664e9f86 c Seeded Flatbread Crackers

I always thought that making homemade crackers would turn out to be a major pain the butt for not a whole lot of reward.

I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I see my friends making their own homemade versions of cheese crackers (Buffalo Blue Cheese or Jalapeño Cheddar Crackers, anyone? Stef is on a cracker roll.) but instead of getting up and heading into my own kitchen I just stare at my computer and drool…rather unattractively. And then I make sure to grab a box of cheddar bunnies the next time I am at the Jewel.

I might be the worst food blogger ever, but at least I buy the organic bunny crackers.

And then, one glorious day, I discovered a less time-intensive form of homemade cracker-ing. Friends, let me introduce you to The Flatbread Cracker. Have you met The Flatbread Cracker before? Instead of having to roll and cut a bunch of little crackers, you make 2-3 big sheets, which you bake on a pizza stone (or heavy baking sheet) until very crisp. Once they have cooled, you can break them into wackadoo pieces and shapes to suit all of your dipping needs.

14364404636 70d5f7ab3c c Seeded Flatbread Crackers

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Baked Potato Bread

Soft, fluffy bread made with baked potatoes and diced onions. This is more than just your average loaf of white bread!

14169984557 eac06588f0 c Baked Potato Bread

I have many things to say about this recipe.

I mean, first of all: bread. We already know that the sonnets I could write to bread rival those of Shakespeare.

Let’s not tell my high school British Literature teacher that I just said that. 

To make this carb-fest even better, we are adding mashed baked potato, some finely diced onion, and a beaten egg to this bread.

Lord, have mercy.

14356422525 35716bf84a c Baked Potato Bread

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