Alaska Oatmeal Cookies

These thin, chewy oatmeal raisin cookies will have you sneaking into the cookie jar at all hours of the day.

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Admittedly, I could have called this recipe “Thin and Chewy Oatmeal Cookies” or “The Perfect Oatmeal Raisin Cookie”, but instead I decided to balk all of the SEO rules and call them precisely what I wanted: Alaska Oatmeal Cookies.

Why Alaska? There’s a story there.

As I have mentioned before, Boyfriend works as a personal trainer at a local gym. When he first started working there back in January, he met George. George is the client of one of Boyfriend’s coworkers; he is in his 80′s, hates the way Chicago idiots drive in the snow, and thinks Boyfriend’s beard is epically awesome. Obviously, he and Boyfriend immediately bonded. Every Monday, before George’s training session, the two of them shoot the you-know-what and discuss everything from the weather to what’s for dinner that night.

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Cranberry-Pistachio Biscotti {gluten-free!}

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Guys, guys! I baked something gluten-free, and it wasn’t accidental!

When it comes to gluten-free baking, I’m a bit of a chicken. My friend Julia over at The Roasted Root (you remember her, I just did a guest post for her on Monday!) is pretty much the queen of all things gluten-free – pancakes, cookies, brownies…she does it all. But me? Um…wheat flour and I have the kind of love you write songs about.

It’s a forever kind of love. I wish I was more sorry.

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35+ Holiday Cookie Recipes

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Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

Have you even started your Christmas shopping yet?

I wish I could help you out with a round-up of great gift ideas, but putting together gift guides is hard — I get too distracted by cookie recipes and shiny things and fall down a simultaneous Pinterest/Etsy rabbit hole. That being said, I did put together a little Amazon store with some of my favorite kitchen tools, ingredients, cookbooks, and great reads. Everything I have included is something that I own and really do use/love, so you can be sure that the foodie and/or bookworm in your life will appreciate them, too.

So, since we’ve established that I’m really much better with cookies than I am with suggesting what you should buy for your mom/coworker/best friend…may I present you with a round-up of some great cookies? You no doubt still have about 9,234 parties to attend between now and January 1, and any of these cookies would be a hit at your next shindig. So hit up these awesome blogs, grab your butter and sugar, and start baking!

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Homemade Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s

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I promised you butter, sugar, and pants that seem to have magically shrunk overnight.

Well, this is where we begin: a copycat version of the famous Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s.

Anyone living within 25 miles of a Trader Joe’s likely knows about these cookies, but whether you have been lucky enough to acquire a box is a whole different story. TJ’s version of peppermint Oreos – but made without the food coloring and with the addition of crushed peppermint candies in the filling – disappear from the shelves each year faster than you can say “Bah humbug”, and leave those who do get them wanting more once they’re gone.

Lucky, lucky you: now you can make your own! Make them for your holiday parties, package them up as gifts for your child’s teacher or your hair stylist, or make them when no one else is home and keep them all for yourself. Really, there is no going wrong when you have homemade Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s at your disposal!

Head over to Food Fanatic for the article and my homemade Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s recipe!

Maple Walnut Blondies

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I live with the Ebenezer Scrooge of desserts.

Boyfriend does not particularly like sweets. In fact, my baking escapades usually result in him crinkling his nose at me suspiciously. Rarely do they result in him eating whatever I have made. He may as well be parading around saying, “Bah humbug.”

As a baker, this can be more than a little annoying, particularly when I need a taste-tester. As an eater…hey, more for me.

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