Paleo Strawberry Crumble

Grain-free strawberry crumble uses almond flour and the natural sweetness of summer strawberries for a dessert that is healthful and easy to make!

paleo strawberry crumble 1 1 Paleo Strawberry Crumble

Happy Friday, my sweet readers! I have a treat for you today! Remember our friend Julia? Of course you do – we were just oo-ing and ah-ing over her new cookbook last week with this Massaged Kale Salad with Creamy Blueberry Vinaigrette! Well, she knows that things have been a little loco over here for me and offered to share a super fantabulous recipe with y’all today – how could I turn down that offer?? So, without further adieu…here she is!

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The Bachelorette Party: Men Tell All Recap

14032370780 bd423230c1 c The Bachelorette Party: Men Tell All Recap
This week was the Men Tell All. I always love Men/Women Tell All – I love getting the dirt on everyone and the opinions from the contestants once they have actually watched the show.

I like the drama, ok? #shocker

This season, we got to spend the first 20 minutes of the show learning that…former contestants (now married) Ashley and JP are pregnant! And they’re moving to Miami! And they did a live ultrasound and it’s a boy! Because we definitely cared about all of that and none of it was weird to do on live TV.

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Massaged Kale Salad with Creamy Blueberry Vinaigrette

Massaged kale salad topped with blueberries, goat cheese, slightly spicy candied almonds and finished with a creamy blueberry vinaigrette. Get at this summer goodness!

14700466663 02f8d2ab59 c Massaged Kale Salad with Creamy Blueberry Vinaigrette

Guys. GUYS. Guess what?!

My friend Julia’s second cookbook was just published! Readers who have been around for a bit will remember that Julia’s first book came out earlier this year and was all about making your own probiotic drinks at home. This book, Let Them Eat Kale: Simple and Delicious Recipes for Everyone’s Favorite Superfood, is all about…can you guess? KALE!

Julia is the master at making all the healthy things. If I’m the queen of the carb, Julia is the queen of the veg. Even more than that, she is the master of making all the healthy things that I actually want to eat. And believe you me, it takes a lot for me to want to put down the pie/cheese/ice cream and crave vegetables. And yet, Julia manages to make me do just that on a regular basis.

14657575066 3331a524df c Massaged Kale Salad with Creamy Blueberry Vinaigrette

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Tzatziki Potato Salad

Yukon gold potatoes lovingly combined with tzatziki sauce. Delicious, perfect for your next cookout, and not a speck of mayo in sight.

14470881889 c35e93dc66 c Tzatziki Potato Salad

I need to digress from potato salad for just a hot minute. If all you’re here for is potato salad, keep scrollin’ because I’m gonna babble for a second.

I’ve been rereading the Harry Potter series recently. I got a little bogged down with life around book three, but got moving on it again a couple of weeks ago and have hardly put the books down since. (In case you’re wondering, I’m in book five and no, I don’t think my heart can handle the loss of Sirius again.)

This is hardly my first time reading, or even rereading the series. And yet I can’t put the dang things down. I know exactly what is going to happen, but it tears me apart into little pieces every time something tragic occurs. My heart still beats like rapid fire every time Harry comes face-to-face with Voldemort. I still shout “FINALLY!” when Ron and Hermione finally get their crap together at the end of the 7th book.

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Blueberry Lemon Breeze

Blueberry syrup, lemon juice, vodka and seltzer water make for a refreshing summer cocktail worthy of any girls’ night!

14647633702 ba39ebf42a c Blueberry Lemon Breeze

Happy Monday! Need a cocktail? How about a major giveaway?

I’ve got both for you today! Stay tuned after the recipe for details on a major Girls’ Night In Giveaway for #TheBacheloretteParty. For now? We talk cocktails.

I talked to you earlier about how easy it is to make your own fruity simple syrup. In fact, it is so easy that we are doing it again! This time, we are making a blueberry syrup to use in a fruity cocktail. Could you add this syrup to, again, a plain lemonade or iced tea? Of course! But it is Monday and I think that merits a cocktail, don’t you?

14647985465 3ca105191f c Blueberry Lemon Breeze

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