Classic Italian Meatballs

Classic Italian-style meatballs made with beef, pork, or veal and plenty of garlic are just what your spaghetti needed.

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In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you something: This is not my recipe.

Nope, not even a little bit. I stole am borrowing it from Boyfriend. He makes the meatballs in this house.

Please, try to suppress any “balls” jokes. I know I’m trying. 

In all seriousness, this is a recipe that has been tweaked and retweaked and tweaked some more to basic perfection. This recipe has been made so many times that we have a system down: While Boyfriend makes the meatballs, I heat up the oil, set the sauce to simmering, and get the pasta water boiling. He assembles, I fry. Everybody eats. We both clean up. <– That last part is only true sometimes. 

Teamwork, baby.

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Homemade Heath Bars

Homemade butter toffee topped with sliced almonds and milk chocolate makes for a surprisingly simple version of your favorite Heath Bars, just in time for the Easter baskets.

13905412933 85fda13729 c Homemade Heath Bars

I’ve already told you guys how Boyfriend is the Ebenezer Scrooge of desserts. Even my Pecan Raisin Pie, which he raves about, only gets at most two bites before he is done.

So you can imagine my surprise when I asked for suggestions of what to make for the blog a couple of weeks ago and his immediate response was, “Heath bars.”

I was so taken aback I replied, “Like…homemade Heath bars?” You know, just to make sure I was understanding him correctly.

“Yeah, sure.”

Well, that was instructive.

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Blackberry Moscow Mule

Muddled blackberries, lime, vodka, and ginger beer. Be still my Monday-weary heart.

13727977654 488de7d749 c Blackberry Moscow Mule

Happy Monday! May I interest you in some vodka?

Wait…what? Don’t try to tell me you weren’t thinking the same thing.

But really…wouldn’t Mondays be just a little less difficult to get through if we all took some time for happy hour? It doesn’t have to be for a cocktail, if that isn’t your thing; I would happily (read: exuberantly) drop everything on a Monday afternoon for pie happy hour. Or ice cream happy hour. Or burrito happy hour…

You get the idea.

But this week, when we were teased with a taste of warm weather over the weekend only to be thrown back to jackets, close-toed shoes, and a snowflake icon on my Weather Channel app (curse you, Weather Channel!), this is what I want for my imaginary mandatory Monday happy hour: a Moscow Mule kissed with blackberries.

13727460895 59d83e1678 z Blackberry Moscow Mule

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Honey Pistachio Granola

Gluten-free granola full of spring-green pistachios and flavored with honey. Package it up for a friend or add it on top of your favorite frozen yogurt for a springy treat.

13635003684 ba8ea87f44 c Honey Pistachio Granola

Guys. It is finally starting to feel like spring here in Chicago! Yesterday I was driving around with my windows down, and rumor has it that it’s supposed to get up to 75 degrees today.

I know, I almost fell over from shock, too.

And since spring has finally arrived (knock on wood), it seems like the perfect day for today’s 12 Bloggers post. Remember, on the 12th of each month I join up with 11 other bloggers to bring you 12 recipes, each with 12 ingredients or less. And this month’s theme?

12BloggersIngredientsMonthsApril zpsaaec71f9 Honey Pistachio Granola

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Mini Blackberry Hazelnut Meringue Cakes

Gluten-free hazelnut meringue cookies layered with blackberry preserves, whipped cream, and a fresh blackberry make the cutest two-bite meringue cakes you ever did see.

13682259073 e4a602b43b c Mini Blackberry Hazelnut Meringue Cakes

Happy Wednesday, dear friends! I have a very special post for you today. I mean, mini meringue cakes? C’mon, clearly today must be a special occasion. But before we get started, I want to extend an invitation to you…

gvd baby shower graphic e1396836283275 Mini Blackberry Hazelnut Meringue Cakes

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